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- Client Reviews -

"Lisa came to Magenup Adult Riding Group this year (2023) to help our riders refresh and improve their horse handling skills. She came with a wealth of knowledge and experience that she has gained over many years. Her clinic sessions were fully booked and feedback was always very encouraging from our members. We wish her all the best in her next adventure."

- Magenup Adult Riders Committee 2023 -

"I was lucky enough to get a few lessons in with Lisa during her time in WA - now I'm stuck wondering where to find a similar coach! Lisa has an incredible knowledge of horses' minds and bodies, and uses accessible language to apply it to the lessons.

I've been riding for years, largely without much instruction, and recently started playing polocrosse. A few lessons from Lisa really refined my technique and improved my horses' responsiveness. What she teaches definitely works, with just a few lessons and starting I'm honestly amazed in the progress. A few lessons mostly on nuts & bolts and the result in control, movement, maneuvers, ground-manners, etc. is huge.

Thanks Lisa, hope you're back in WA for lessons sometime soon."


- Jake Lamb, Herron WA -

"Highly recommend Lisa, she and her beautiful horses have taught my niece so much! Not only has she become a beautiful rider but she’s become a confident and competent handler. We are so upset she had to leave us!"

- Melissa Wallinger, Pert WA -


"Lisa has a lovely and gentle manner as a coach. She has an astute eye and picked up on little issues that were easily managed, both with you on the ground and with your horse under saddle. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to help you."

- Allison Wheatley, Magenup Adult Riding Group, Perth WA -



"Very straightforward advice keeping the safety of the handler and the welfare of the horse paramount.

Manages both individual and group situations well - recommended."

- Rena MacFarlane, Perth WA -



"Lisa has been coaching me for the last few months. She has given me more confidence and much better riding skills through her knowledge and ability to communicate effectively. Also she has taught me about the biomechanics of the horse.

I’m really enjoying my journey with Lisa and I look forward to my future lessons. I would highly recommend her."

- Di Hislop, Herron WA -


" Lisa has been coaching at our ( Baldivis ARC ) adult riders club this year. Lisa uses equitation science in all her classes and clearly explains the how and why of what we are learning. Lisa goes out of her way to impart her knowledge and help our members improve their ground work, and ridden lateral and flat work. I would recommend Lisa for group or individual lessons, for skill development or problem solving a particular issue."

- Merridi Perer, Perth WA -



" Lisa has been amazing thus far correcting my self-taught riding and helping me learn the buttons of my well-trained, albeit lazy and out-of-practice horse.

Can’t wait to keep learning and building upon the foundations under her guidance. What I absolutely love about Lisa is that she tells you not just the “how” but also the “why” and really helps you get inside your horse’s mind.

We still have a long way to go, but I know with Lisa’s tutelage we can do anything! "

- Ashlee Horn, Leschenault WA -


" Lisa is so intuitive and is passionate about finding the best solutions to create a wonderful connection with your horse so that you can both enjoy a safe and respectful partnership.

I look forward to my next lesson with her. "

- Robyn Long, Perth WA -

"I come from an eventing background but these days ride casually. The day with Lisa was so easy as she can really blend her techniques to any discipline, any age of horse and any rider experience. If there is a problem she works through it and gets the job done. Great instructor and would recommend weather you're getting back in the saddle, starting a young horse or just want to broaden your horizons and have a fun and constructive day. loved it."

- Sara Weir,  Boyup Brook Working Horse Club WA -

"I would highly recommend Lisa's services as she is helping me learn to ride and also helping me teach my horse under saddle. She has a very professional, gentle and natural approach to her work and follows a evidence based approach in how she teaches. Lisa has helped me with my lack of confidence in riding and has taught me so much already. l am super happy with how my horse and I are travelling at the moment. Thank you so much Lisa."

- Tara Martella, Harvey WA -


" I really enjoyed my lesson, Lisa was easy to understand, lots of knowledge, and really helped my horse and myself with the groundwork. Will definitely book her again in the future xxx "

- Emma Bernacki, Cookernup WA -

"I don't trust many people with my horses! But Lisa is the first person I contact. She can make a big problem look small.. quiet, gentle, and great end result! With no judgement. With such a relaxing environment horse and rider can learn so much more.. ... can not recommended her enough"

- Niki Shier, Beverley, WA -


"Lisa is great with horses and I trusted her to take care of my herd while I was away. She cares and has the feel. Having ridden her horse tells a story. She is calm, extremely soft and responsive and has some great moves - the horse that is :)) 

- Tom Kress, Toodyay, WA -


"I had a couple of falls and as a result i lost confidence. I took a few lessons from Lisa and she really helped me. We practiced some basic techniques for gaining control whilst on a horse and how to stay safe. We also worked on my position and balance. And ground handling skills. The work we did helped me to understand how horses think and what I needed to learn and in what order, with the intention of putting it all together like a puzzle at the end. I learned a lot about safety and found that my riding improved a lot, including my horse becoming more responsive to my aids. I would be extremely happy to recommend Lisa to anyone."

- Alivia Bruse, WA -


" Lisa has majorly helped me get a better understanding of horsemanship. She’s help me figure out what works best for me and my mare and helped us become better under saddle.

Couldn’t recommend her more! "

- Tash Black, Myalup, WA -

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