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Our vision: Sustainable and ethical equestrian sporting conduct with improved horse welfare. When horse owners and riders begin to understand the Learning Theory, Cognition, Ethology and the Biomechanics of the horse, it will lead to improved Horse Welfare, Rider Safety and Performance.

Lisa Croft Equitation Science Training

Lisa is a graduate from Equitation Science International and she holds a Diploma of Equitation Science. Her particular areas of interest are: Foundation training, behavioral problem solving, lateral and flat work for dressage, western riding and R+ / positive reinforcement. 


Lisa comes from European eventing background and besides traditional english riding disciplines, she also has extensive experience in training for various disciplines in western riding.


Equitation Science is not discipline specific as science based research applies to all horses. Lisa has a thorough understanding of the various methods used in today's horse and rider training. Therefore, when rider safety and the welfare of the horse in training situations is paramount, research based training system that considers the horse's ethology, cognitive ability and biomechanics, comes as an obvious choice. Lisa's particular interests are foundation training and problem solving and she works with all disciplines and levels of horses and riders, using the Principles of Equitation Science. Limited private appointments are available by advance bookings for owners and riders that are about interested in improving their skills and understanding of the horse.

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